Productivity Plus

We truly believe that everyone can do, have, be whatever they want and live any life they want; only if they change their beliefs and actions. That nothing is impossible, unattainable, out of our reach or control, only if we do what it takes to instigate and maintain change. We believe we can create great lives, careers and businesses, if we put in the work at learning and growing.

At Productivity Plus, we help young entrepreneurs and career makers, design, articulate and live the life of their dreams by providing a roadmap, support and mentorship through our events, seminars and coaching programs, supported by our planners, videos, guides and books.

Are you ready to start your Dream Life journey? Let’s do it together!


The seminar provided vital information that helped me decide to lead a better, well managed and healthier life.
Christine, University of Kent

You are unbelievable! How one woman can carry so much power, love and crazy energy beats me!
Debola Deji-Kurunmi, President Deborah’s Initiative for Women

I owe you a lot ma’am. The Planner helped me a lot to plan my life and career.
Wole Odeleye, Ikeja

Highly beneficial and relevant. Why have we not had this training before now?
Imaobong, Participant from MTN

Thank you for this course. It touched every aspect of my life, stirred up new drive, determination and strength to be disciplined. I now have a much stronger passion to actualize my goals and set higher targets. Life at work has been more fulfilling, and I hope all of us who attended the course will be instruments of change in our organization.
Participant from Resourcery Limited

Very articulate speaker. Never a dull moment! Excellent presentation skills with deep understanding of the subject matter. She is simply fantastic.
Participant from Kakawa Discount, House Performance Management Seminar

The programme was quite interesting and a big plus not just on my job but most importantly to my personal self-development. The programme has inspired and transformed my attitude.
Personal Effectiveness and Soft Skills Enhancement MTN, Customer Relations Group