The Productive Life Coaching Programme

Our programme is a comprehensive personal and professional effectiveness solution, custom made for the learning and growing individual. It is a cutting edge product for achieving optimum levels of quality and output in one’s personal and professional life.
It consists of five Modules as follows:

Designing My Perfect Life
• Living on Purpose
• Vision, Mission and Values
• Attitude

Moving From Dreams to Goals
• Habits of High Achievers
• Setting SMART goals
• Skillful Execution
• My Accountability System

Education & Career Development
• My Development Plans
• Lifetime Learning Habits
• Secrets of Career Success

Developing Spirit, Body & Soul
• Living a Legacy Worthy Life
• My Health & Fitness
• Work Hard, Play Hard

Productive Financial Planning
• Understanding Net Worth
• Budgeting for a Productive Life
• Achieving Financial Freedom

The group-coaching programme takes place at our Development Centre in Lekki1. We also run group-coaching programs for Corporate Organisations. Register below.

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