One of the hallmarks of a Productivity Plus life is healthy relationships with family and friends. Many people are more willing to spend time making money than connecting with the people they are making that money for. How does this happen? I think it’s because most of us are simply not deliberate about how we use our time.

Learning to make time for those closest to us improves the quality of our lives and helps to create a balanced life. The problem with not “having time” is this: nobody has time. You only have time for what you make time for. Time is a miracle of creation!! If you want to spend time with your family, you’re going to have to make the time.

The starting point is to be totally clear about who and what is most important to you, and also why. If you aren’t clear about your Vision & the life you want for yourself, it’s almost impossible to use your time properly. You simply won’t have the presence of mind or discipline to create time if you aren’t clear about your priorities!

Once you are clear about who your priorities are and how much quantity time is enough to create quality time with them, think about where you will create that time and make concessions. For example, instead of spending 4 hours on your own making the most glamorous meals for your family, invite them into the kitchen and make something simpler while everyone talks; or alternatively, go out and have a meal.

Maybe you watch TV almost every weekend, why not have movie night/game night every few weeks where you talk about the movies and bond over friendly games. This creates seamless communication channels as well as shared values in the home. Exercise with your family, start new hobbies together, help with homework, take vacations!

Make the time for your friends too, remember they’re the family you choose. Don’t choose a friend you don’t value out of some warped sense of obligation and then proceed to mistreat them. Be an easy friend, don’t make demands, be a diva or act high maintenance. Make concessions often, meet in the middle and pick activities everyone can enjoy.

Something to avoid is initiating contact only when you need something or staying in contact just so you can ask for something.  Your relationships with loved ones should be symbiotic and not parasitic. Focus on being of service and being a blessing, rather than being blessed. It’s way more fulfilling and aids your personal growth. However, don’t allow yourself to be used and/or abused in the name of friendship. If they clearly don’t value and respect you, communicate your observations and feelings. If they aren’t addressed, quietly and peaceable exit the friendship!

Always commit to family and friend time, the same way you do work time.  Put it in your schedule, write it in your Planner and make a note in your calendar. This way you always have time set aside for love, fun, and growth. Remember the old cliche, no-one ever said on their deathbed that they wished they spent more time at the office. There are no replacements for your loved ones so let them know you care by making the time to connect and bond with them.

Please leave a comment below of the ways you like to bond with your loved ones, maybe we can pick up a few great novel ideas!

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