Productivity Plus Life Seminar

The Productivity Plus Life Seminar is a successful learning platform that teaches unbeaten habits of super achievers and equips you with all you need to encounter a mental shift towards result-oriented living and working.
You will learn to better manage decisions, attention and energy. Be shown how to spot your daily habits, energy-robbers, and time-wasters. Learn how to focus on what matters most, enlist the support and resources needed, manage peak energy times, establish smart action plans to accomplish goals, eliminate roadblocks and adopt new patterns that fuel success.
The Productive Plus Seminars are designed to give you clear actionable steps that take you from designing your dream life, to setting your goals and instituting habits that will help you win! You will also leave with your Financial Freedom plan The use of the Productivity Plus Planner will be taught at the seminar to help you maximize the tool and experience an increased ability to achieve your life's most important outcomes by consistently making choices that create extraordinary value for you.
Your Vision, Attitude, Goals, Discipline, Time and Financial Management will be thoroughly dissected and overhauled!

  • Best training I have attended in a long time, I will recommend it for all MTNers
    Vanessa, participant from MTN.
  • I owe you a lot Ma'am. The planner helped me a lot to plan my life and career
  • You are unbelievable! How one woman carries so much power, love and crazy energy beats me!
    Debola Deji-Kurunmi, President Deborah's Initiative for Women.
  • It gave me a better understanding of charting a career plan and being productive in my job and personal life
    Sola, Estate Links Limited.
  • Life-changing training and a great experience. Suitable for my job function.
    Norjo, YBR
  • The seminar was really insightful and spot-on as it put me in check to focus more on my career
    Norjo, YBR
  • Course content was very informative.
    - Participants at Coronation Merchant Bank Training
  • Timely. It was a well-facilitated training with well-articulated materials to support.
    - Participants at Coronation Merchant Bank Training
  • An eyeopener. It was in-depth, teaching how to manage and develop interpersonal skills. The training was delivered effectively and the facilitators showed an in-depth knowledge of the course.
    - Participants at Coronation Merchant Bank Training
  • The training helped in understanding the importance of non-verbal communication. It was highly educative
    - Participants at Coronation Merchant Bank Training

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