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About the summit

The Productivity Plus Summit promises to be explosive, motivational and transformative! We are bringing all the players in the Mentoring, Coaching, Personal Development and Wellness fields under one roof.

If you want to bring out THE BEST YOU – Ultimate success in your mind, body, spirit and soul….. you can’t afford to miss this one!!


  • One-on-one meetings with Nigeria’s best Coaches and Mentors

  • Expert advice on Career, Business, Relationships, Further Education, Finance, Wealth, Health, Fitness & Fun

  • Workshops to develop smart, actionable goals and plans by the foremost experts in their fields

  • Access to FREE tools & resources for Personal Development and Success in Life

  • Networking with Leaders and Mentors

  • Free sign up on the Productivity Plus App ( only available for free at the Summit)

  • World-class advice, tools and resources to design and live your dream life

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Networking with companies, institutions and industry experts

Career & Business

  • Consulting Firms

  • Recruitment Firms

  • Career Coaches

  • Business Coaches

  • Angel Investors

  • Mentors

  • Bookstores

Health & Fitness

  • Health Food Stores

  • Sport & Exercise Tool Stores

  • Fitness Coaches

  • Gyms

  • Nutritionists

Further Education

  • Local Educational Institutions

  • Foreign Educational Institutions

  • Professional Bodies

Finance & Wealth

  • Financial Planning Experts

  • Money Market Investment Firms

  • Real Estate Firms

  • Banks

  • Stockbrokers

Would you like to join as an exhibitor?

  • Opportunity to showcase/advertise your organization’s products and services to the right audience.

  • Carry out sampling, product and market testing.

  • Showcase your business in person and connect directly and personally with your customers.

  • Build trust with customers and learn about the status of the self-a development industry in Nigeria.

  • Increase sales and market directly to potential customers.

  • Sell to a young, social media savvy audience, significantly increasing exposure.

Would you like to join as a Sponsor?

  • Opportunity to improve and contribute to the productivity, wellness & growth of our people and economy.

  • Opportunity to be a forerunner in the transformational change of our culture to more personal development & highly productive orientation.

  • Create a huge impact by providing our youths with access to the nation’s key experts in the areas of professional career & business development, health, finances and relationships.

  • Access to a large pool of participants who can become champions of your products and services.

  • Opportunity to showcase/advertise your organization’s products and services to the right audience.

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